Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rude, Patronising, Downright Unbelievable!

People's rudeness just gets worse! Grab yourself a coffee...

I changed my car last Monday. It's unfortunate that I could only find one set of keys to hand over but I promised Toyota, the new-car dealer, that I would forward on the other set if I found them. No worries. So, yesterday, Toyota got rid of my old car. Once that car was signed over to Toyota, it would no longer be my responsibility. Fact. Today, I received a phone call from the dealer who bought my old car. He was VERY patronising. Had one of those "oh, it's a woman..." appearances in his tone. He asked me if I had another set of keys and wanted to make sure Toyota had told him the truth when they said there was only one set. Gobsmacked at this point, and extremely pissed off that he knew my phone number, I lamely assured him Toyota were telling the truth and he responded with, "Well, if you just happen to find them, doooo forward them on won't you, dear?"

I hung up and saw red. Flashing red in front of my eyes. So many things were wrong with that phone call I didn't know where to begin. So I composed myself and rang my contact at Toyota. I reiterated the conversation and expressed how angry I was that this man had my phone number, even though I was sure Toyota wouldn't have given it out. After speaking to my contact, a lovely guy, quite fanciable (wish I were young, free and single, ahem), he transferred me to his manager who was equally as apologetic. I knew Toyota wouldn't have given out the number, it is so unethical to do something like that and this is a major dealer we're talking about. Reassured, it transpired that this used car dealer had taken it upon himself to look up my phone number and enquire directly about the missing set of keys.

Let's put this into perspective.

1. Once the exchange had taken place, I am no longer liable for the old car. It is in Toyota's hands and if the buyer needs to know anything, he asks them, who will then ask me if needed.

2. The way that man spoke to me made my blood boil. The fact he looked up my phone number, knowing full well it was something he should NOT have done, had no right to do, has also made my blood boil.

3. He didn't believe Toyota when they told him they don't have 2 sets of keys. What would Toyota want with a spare set of Land Rover keys, for fuck's sake?

I feel better that I reported the phone call to my Toyota dealer but it worries me that this guy has my phone number and obviously thinks it's perfectly okay to ring me to ask questions about the vehicle I sold to Toyota, assuming I would just give him the answers he needed and play along with his little game. Does the fact he found out I am a woman matter? Perhaps in his warped little mind women aren't allowed to own big farm vehicles and should stick to smaller cars, runabouts that will get them from A to B.

To have Toyota apologising profusely made me feel awful for having rung them in the first place, but I needed to make sure they hadn't given out my phone number. Toyota were just as angry about it all as I was. Of course they hadn't given out my number, but they have given the buyer of my old car a right royal bollocking from the sounds of it. How dare someone take it upon themselves to cut out the middle man in this way. Apart from which, I might have needed to sell that car for a specific reason, like a bereavement perhaps, or money worries. The rudeness of some people beggars belief, it really does.


  1. I am dumbfounded. No wonder you needed to vent it out on a post. Hope you are calm again now.

  2. Ouch. Stupid guy. He should have had his tongue ripped out for doing what he did.

  3. Gosh, people are the limit, aren't they? With any luck, you'll never hear from him again x

  4. That man sounds like a moron. I'd be upset too & wouldn't feel happy about him having the phone number.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. Totally unacceptable, downright unprofessional and very creepy actually. That he could find your number I mean. I would have been mad too.

  6. Idiotic. Any business person worth their salt realizes that with every phone call they are talking to a potential customer. What an idiot.


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